Activity 1: Civilization Vocabulary

Before we get started with our discussion of what makes a civilization, we need to make sure we have a common understanding of the vocabulary.
  1. illustrate in some logical way the meaning of each. You may draw or cut out pictures, or use some other method, but try to make the meaning of each as obvious as you can using as few words as possible. Be sure to label each picture with the word you are describing.
  2. write a sentence using the word or phrase correctly. The sentence should not be just a definition.

example: balance of power
balance of power drawing.png
The Desert struggled to maintain a balance of power with the Coastland by buying iron from the Mountains.
Word List
  • monarchy
  • democracy
  • fascism
  • nomad
  • polygamous
  • theocracy
  • republic
  • capitalism
  • matriarchal
  • primogeniture
  • dictatorship
  • communism
  • industrialism
  • patriarchal
  • entail
  • oligarchy
  • socialism
  • agriculture
  • monogamous
  • cultural diffusion

Activity 2